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My name is Dsmoovee Shabazz and I am an influencer from St. Louis, MO. I am a father, media personality, and entrepreneur. Using networks, relationships, and opportunities, I developed a strong social media following off of the success of my radio platform.

Being an active community advocate and activist, I welcome every opportunity I have encountered to motivational speak, mentor, emcee, all those around me.

Being a father is my most prestigious job. It means so much to me to know my daughter looks up to me, feels loved by me, and learns from me. Becoming a father transformed me from a boy to a man, opened my eyes to the real world, and motivated the best change in myself.

To be a leader is to pass on knowledge, lead people to be better human beings than they were before we encounter each other for a better life, a more abundant future, and ultimately leave a legacy.

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  • I thank you black man, for recognizing your purpose and not giving up. 🙏🏽🖤

    Leslie Byrd on

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